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faucet.shorterall.com expresscrypto

SELECT faucet faucetpay :  Doge, LTC

SELECT faucet expresscrypto :  Doge, LTC

another faucets :

faucetcrypto (faucet-ptc-offerwall) score 90/100

dogemate (faucet-ptc-offerwall) score 75/100


mining cryptocurrency with computer :

cudominer allow you mining with your cpu and graphic cards sore 95/100

I recommend for you if you have modern and powerful pc because you are losing money if you not use mining.
not recommended if you need your pc for 10+ years


win without do nothing with mobile phone :

moneysmsapp the apk send to you sms not premium for earn money without cost

use this code for earn 0.25 $   "47VEYZKS"

if you not do it simply you not win 0.25$


win without do nothing with pc :

honeygain and yes they pay to my paypal and no problem only your pc or mobile must be active

iproyal another amazing Program for earn idle but only you need is pc running or of course more than 1


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